Nothing can beat the happiness of living in your own beautifully astounding sphere that you always dreamt of. Getting fabulous interiors and exteriors are those things that almost everyone wishes for but then there comes the complication. What is the definition of perfect interiors and exteriors?

Though a lot comes under the sun if the home decor is considered, no one can deny that the perfection of interiors and exteriors are directly proportional to the shades of walls and ceilings. Flooring, furniture is also a factor, but the colors of the walls are really important to look out for.

Walls As A Reflection Of Vibes

Walls serve as the most promising reflection of your vibes. Shades serve as the glimpse of the image that you want to see around you. There are many forms of wall painting inspiring lifestyles in the present days, and some of the most prevailing owns are mentioned below:

Did you over felt that painting the walls with solid shades is overrated and boring as heck. Then there’s this solution for you. 3-D painting is just like the theme paintings but with a twist. Making a 2-D space into a 3-D one though definitely needs some efforts but is worth trying.

You can opt for hyper-realistic sports themes, overwhelming nature themes, music themes, and a lot more experimenting stuff. Theme paintings cover a lot of options like Disney and CN themes for kids, royal themes, sports themes, nature themes, spooky themes, aqua themes and a lot of themes to choose from. There are also wall stickers available to compliment these theme paintings.

These serve as a treat to the eyes and sometimes they are even fun to stare over. Just like the old time television screens when the antenna fails for the signal. Funny but true. Though these are mostly used for urban places and implacably find its applications in corporate worlds, it’s also a good substitute for plain wallpapers in living rooms.

  • Stencils:

These are widely used in the festive seasons, but as per some famous interior designers these are one of those minimalist things that can be used to get the walls a classy but beautiful look and this looks quite ethnic too.

  • Plain finishes and textures:

Obsessed with simplicity? Then go for these plain finishes and textures. These will get you in love with your home giving them a simple but modern look. And experimenting with solid colors is fun sometimes as mixing them into different shades and getting them on your walls is all fun.

Things to look for while choosing the exterior paint

  • Should be a vibrant color.
  • Looks shiny or matte depending upon your respective needs.
  • Should be waterproof to protect your home for a longer span.
  • Remember that the shade speaks for your accent so choose the shade carefully.
  • Mix and match the shades in harmony to get the desired results.